Hey Dad!

My dad was something special. He really was. He did dad things with his kids (when he wasn’t working). He played kickball, poker, sang songs and told jokes. He loved us all and it showed.

Dad hugging MomSending Father’s Day wishes and greetings to all the fathers I know.

  • To my departed dad who was a kick ass father and who died WAY too early.
  • To the father of my sons who was a kick ass dad, sports freak, and amazing husband who departed WAY too early.
  • To my son who is a natural born dad.
  • To my 4 brothers who are spread across the world.
  • To my brothers-in-law … near and far.
  • To sweet my friend who celebrates a birthday and father’s day (very convenient).
  • To those who’ve stepped in to father other children.

To all those men who did it right or did it wrong … I hope you’ve made peace with yourself and your children and are back in the fold.

An instruction manual would have been helpful, huh?

Thanks for the love!

Happy Father’s day to you all!

5 thoughts on “Hey Dad!

  1. I had a friend tell me how much she loved being at my house because everyone was so loving. Living within the family I didn’t see that (forest for the trees sort of thing) but she craved what I had. It was a good reminder for me to cherish it all!


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