Giving it all away

Do you ever feel like you just keep giving, giving, giving and someone on the other end just keeps TAKING, taking, TAKING?

What do you do about that?



Author: MargeKatherine

Retired and loving life but also wanting a bit more. More friends, adventures, colors, hikes, shooting stars, campfires ... and ready to share it all with you.

6 thoughts on “Giving it all away”

  1. That’s hard. It won’t help much, but I’m sending a virtual (((((HUG)))))

    Maybe you need to see yourself as having more value. Start trying to love yourself. It works in the end. As a Christian I believe we have a right to love ourselves.


  2. Love the hug! Sometimes getting these blog posts written seem like a hurdle, waste of time and source of frustration. However, looking back on them I see them as a diary of my thoughts over a huge range of time. Drugery ends up being something quite good!


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