Digital Photos For a Lifetime

wonder womanSometimes we take photos to remind us of things we played with and shared.

train table at the library

Other times we can look at a photo and go back in time and remember where were were, what we were doing and where we were standing.

evening sky
And other photos are taken as a reminder of how lucky we are to have such beautiful vistas.

Ireland Church

What memories are sitting in your camera that should be processed and printed?

9 thoughts on “Digital Photos For a Lifetime

  1. And if you print them, please be sure to record the information about them on the back or somewhere. My son was here from California in June. I showed him some very old photos of me, my family and cousins. He only recognized my siblings…no one else.

    When teaching psychology at the University level, I would give the students a phrase to write an essay…to make sense of what they were reading…one such phrase was: The photograph album was in the trash…..


  2. good tip above…when my grandmother passed away we all went through hundreds of photographs, there were so many faces that no one knew.

    me…I make books these days, lots and lots of books of my photographs…Tess will be left with a library 🙂


  3. Yes, some data — esp the most basic like DATE/YEAR will help. I print photos for my grandson then take a magnet to the back of it so he can put it on the fridge, take it off, put it on. When the new batch of photos arrive, the old are taken down and added to his photo album. Simple when done immediately!


  4. I take a lot of photos … of stuff I like. They’re all in Flickr. As long as I pay $20 a year they’ll stay there. Over the years, I’ve become more and more careful about tagging them so I can search easily. Was inspired by an online buddy of mine, to start a photo blog. A place to post all the photos that I like, but that don’t go with the text in the daily post. Only photos, not a word… it’s bascially for myself.

    I’ll keep going until I’ve filled up my WP quota 🙂


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