Digital Photos That Nobody Sees

mailboxes on wheelWhat happens to all those photos we take?

Mountain creek

We take time to capture a sunset, a mountain or a river … and then what?

Do we ever print them?

Or just put them in a folder for someday?

High Socitey Pot Shop

If we’re not going to print any photos, why take them? Really… why bother?


12 thoughts on “Digital Photos That Nobody Sees

  1. I have never had a photo of mine printed. Might have a few printed out though, now that I think of it.

    All my photos are stored away in Flickr. Some are set to public, most of them to private or friends only. Sometimes I browse around and remember…


  2. I have so many photos to print out, but I never get around to it. I miss the days when you would take photos, bring the film to get developed, and wait in anticipation to see how they turned out.


  3. InsideJourneys

    Funny you should ask, Marge. Had the same conversation with a friend who insists on printing photos — there are a few places that still provide that service, like pharmacies. I’m thinking of buying a photo printer and putting my photos in an album like i used to.
    It’s convenient having them on my computer and online but once the newness wears off, I don’t share them anymore.


  4. Yes, once the newness wears off they just sit on the pc or in the camera taking up space!
    And rarely do we delete the copies, the not so great ones, the hundreds and hundreds of clouds in the sky that are nice but one would suffice!


  5. I agree! Now because we take so many, it’s a tedious process to select the few that matter and actually get them printed. And then, computers crash, cameras get lost, cell phones get upgraded and we lose our images. So sad!


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  9. I take an enormous number of pictures, and, come to think of it, why not? It’s not like the good old days when developing photos required quantities of toxic chemicals – now it’s just a bit of reusable electronics. Even the batteries our digital cameras use are rechargeable.

    Why do I take all those pictures, and what do I do with them? I take them to record something that looks special to me at that moment. Later, I cull the better ones and use them as my screen saver…some wind up on my blog…some become reference material to practice drawing.


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