The Things You Do

I believe the giving season is every day of the year.

Some of us give when we teach children how to count, how to read numbers, help them learn manners and the joy of singing.

Others give by taking time to walk their dog when they could just put them on a leash and stick them outside their door. Unfortunately, I watch my neighbors do just that… why have a dog if you don’t plan to give it a yard to play, exercise and pee in?

Other people hang out their clothes on sunny days and allow solar power to replace electricity. Besides the crisp feel of the clothes, they smell Great!

Others, like me, love to take photos and share them with others on a regular basis. Take them, print them (Walgreens), share them. Why would someone keep them on a camera forever and ever? Lose the camera and lose the photos. Not me!

We all do something as a way to give back. And it’s usually a daily thing or weekly.

What’s your thing?

Living the Good Old Days

There is so much to be thankful for — birthdays, new years, celebrations, good health, good cheer …

When we’re living the good life, we somehow manage to let it all slip by.

eating popsicles
These are the good old days!

When we’re sick, sore, injured, tired and out of sorts … we long for those healthy days.

Would we have more of them if we woke up with a sense of appreciation each day?
Do we kick ourselves for failing to embrace the normal, everyday-ness of well-being?

Well, the answer is “Yes.”
And to remedy that fault that we seem to have (longing for the good old days when …we’re actually living them) I propose a challenge to you…

That we find the things we’re already doing right and praise them.
Promote the things that people love about us.

Write about our successes as if we were writing a bio The New Yorker or your annual Christmas letter.
Nobody knows them as well as you do.

I once had to write about my accomplishments for a scholarship. I could only do it in the ‘third person’. Silly me.

So, spit it out. Do yourself proud and let others know about the things you value.
Stay tuned and I’ll do the same.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Here’s a photo of a necklace make of worn out skateboards. Very creative and colorful items to be worn for most occasions!

skateboard necklaceThis colorful heart looks worn in an artistic sort of way …

skateboard heartMore Recycled Skateboard items

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Old cottage in Ireland

Old homestead in Ireland.Cottage roofLiving roof: The green scene!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Worn down and retired …

Old typewriterAn old typewriter found in an Ireland museum.

rotary dial phoneRotary dial phone – all worn down!

Old Fashioned Cash RegisterThese were a challenge to create, move and operate!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Hey Dad!

My dad was something special. He really was. He did dad things with his kids (when he wasn’t working). He played kickball, poker, sang songs and told jokes. He loved us all and it showed.

Dad hugging MomSending Father’s Day wishes and greetings to all the fathers I know.

  • To my departed dad who was a kick ass father and who died WAY too early.
  • To the father of my sons who was a kick ass dad, sports freak, and amazing husband who departed WAY too early.
  • To my son who is a natural born dad.
  • To my 4 brothers who are spread across the world.
  • To my brothers-in-law … near and far.
  • To sweet my friend who celebrates a birthday and father’s day (very convenient).
  • To those who’ve stepped in to father other children.

To all those men who did it right or did it wrong … I hope you’ve made peace with yourself and your children and are back in the fold.

An instruction manual would have been helpful, huh?

Thanks for the love!

Happy Father’s day to you all!