Mesa Verde Awaits You

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Another place to visit in Colorado is Mesa Verde National Park. This area was designated a national park in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt as a way to preserve the works of man. The ‘works of man ‘ at this park have been discovered, uncovered and protected since then.

Mesa Verde has cliff dwellings that were once home to over 24 Indian tribes and finally abandoned in the 1200’s. When you walk around this sacred park, it’s easy to conger up how it may have looked so long ago.

The park protects over 4000 archeological sites including 600 cliff dwellings.  The red cliffs, mesa top pueblos, farming terraces, towers and reservoirs are reminders of a progressive and powerful lifestyle.

You can take tours to see some of the dwellings and hear more about the lives these Native American Indians lived and why they eventually left.

Mesa Verde History

7 thoughts on “Mesa Verde Awaits You

  1. It’s an out of the way place that clearly takes you back to a time and place we can only imagine! To think that people created homes in caves, farmed the plateaus, diverted water and created a vast community is astounding. Our lives are so much simpler and complicated at the same time!


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  3. Thanks for the Mesa Verde reminder – we visited about ten years ago, and it’s an AMAZING place! (When we saw it, you entered the park through a tunnel – I don’t know if this is still true, but it certainly added to the feeling of being in another world.) One thing I was struck by was that the people who lived there must have been very athletic – there are so many buildings (especially little storehouses) that can only be reached by climbing up / down cliffs.

    Well worth seeing!!


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