Aggressive Geese: Keep Walking

As you enter the Harmony Library in Fort Collins, you’re greeted with this sign.

Aggressive Geese: Keep Walking
Aggressive geese warning sign

The geese have a fenced off area that helps to separate us from them. But for those unaware –  these are not friendly geese and will bite you if you dare to approach them.

They’ll go away soon and the sign will come down (or will fall down!) and the path will be a mindless walkway once again.

It’s a common sign that’s been posted for the past few years … one that you don’t even notice any longer.
Aggressive Geese Warning sign
Funny how we can stop noticing something that is right in our face!

3 thoughts on “Aggressive Geese: Keep Walking

  1. We have a sign in downtown Huntsville for a Duck Crossing. Cars stop when the Ducks are walking across the road. I guess they are not going to attack because we all feed them.

    I always look for the ducks and the crossing sign. It was put up by the city years ago and I am always to proud to point it out and it is such a treat in the spring to have the Mother Duck with all her little ducklings crossing the street and to see all of us stopped to watch the progression of life!

    I am sorry yours are not as friendly.


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