A Fresh Look

Irrigation ditch in Colorado

The next time you take a walk, bring a camera along and take photos as if you’re seeing it all for the first time. Get down on your knees and look up.  Look at the clouds, cars, traffic, cows, landscaping and houses.

Get a close up of everyday items… Fence posts, mailboxes, street signs and other everyday sights.

Click and share them.

I’m waiting …

wet morning

11 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

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  2. It’s an excellent idea. Kinda like taking a new way home from work. All of a sudden you see things you never noticed before.
    walk in beauty.


  3. Yes … that’s it! It’s also like when we first learned to drive a stick shift car. All focus was on the action. Now, it’s automatic.

    What we see is automatic too – a bit of a shake up helps us to wake up!


  4. hi Marge,
    enjoying the new site…new to me, I subscribed so I can keep up. Would you believe yesterday I went off for a walk without my camera and saw a coyote! sitting on Grant and a scarlet tanager!!

    come by for a peek of more urban wildlife


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