Brand New Eyes

First hike for young boySometimes we are blessed to see things all over again, with brand new eyes. If you have children or are around toddlers, you know what I mean.

A butterfly is one thing on a piece of paper or on television, but when a child sees one  for the first time and you’re there to experience it – it’s bliss all over again.

Whether you decide to ‘find’ a mountain, fly a kite, paint a table,  wash the dishes or take a hike – with new eyes – the experience can be giddy.

Recently I gave my grandson the choice to 1) go to the playground or 2) take a hike (something he’s never done before) he chose the hike. And once he found his stride, the kid just flew up the trail! At the ripe age of 2 ½, he had the energy, excitement and ambition to just go. My huge smile stayed put the entire time as I discovered the art, beauty and thrill of hiking again for the first time.

There are going to be a bunch of “firsts” for him and I plan to be there for as many as possible. I’m young… all over again!

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