Blogging Done Right

Want to be a better blogger?

Just enter the search term ‘better blogger’ and lots of information will pop up. Most of the stuff you already know. Here’s a list of some ideas to help you stay focused and on top of your game!

Keep paper handy for ideas. When you’re driving and hear a topic on the radio or overhear a conversation that intrigues you, write it down so you can research it later. If you don’t have a piece of paper nearby, call your home phone and leave yourself a message.

Read what others have to say. Not only will this help build community, you will no doubt learn new things from people all over the world. Expand, grow and leave a comment to express your interest. Do unto others …

When you write professional blogs, add a piece of yourself. Include a personal antidote that lets the reader want to know more about you. Give a piece of yourself as a way to make your blog more interesting. It’s nice to know the top ten reasons you can improve your self-image – but I also want to know if you applied any of them.

Use spell check before you publish. No matter how clever, humorous or intriguing your posts are … when your words are misspelled and you use incorrect grammar, well… that’s all the eye will see. Trust me on that one!

Include media. Photos, videos, podcasts, images, colors and links all make your post come alive. You’re already working with an interactive format – get bold and let your readers enjoy the ride!

Give credit where it is due.  Be sure to let your readers know where you found your ideas. Link to other blogs, give credit to authors, explain the origin of photos and express your thanks. The internet will know if you steal words, images, photos, etc.  And if that happens, others will certainly point their finger at you and say in a loud voice “YOU, YOU, YOU!”

What works for you? Now is the time to hit the comment button and share with me!


15 thoughts on “Blogging Done Right

  1. I like the part about adding something about yourself. A lot of people in my profession (I’m a therapist) are paranoid about sharing personal information and I understand that in the context of self-disclosure in therapy but I think sharing something personal in a professional blog is not only OK, it makes you more human and makes topics more interesting.


  2. InsideJourneys

    All great ideas, Marge.
    I keep a notebook always and when an idea comes to me, I write it. Sometimes, I also start writing a post while I’m on the bus or subway.
    I have the WP app on my phone and post drafts there as well. That way, when I think I have nothing to write about, I just check my folder.


  3. Jackie Paulson Author

    Great ideas especially about adding a little bit about YOU. I have a notebook full of things, thoughts and stuff and they give me ideas of what to blog about. I also am getting really good at giving credit to others as I share so many of the blogs I enjoy. Thanks.


  4. Very interesting post. I too, have a WP app on my phone, but also keep a notebook in my purse. Wise from previous mistakes — I know for sure that I will forget otherwise.

    How do you, yourself, feel about this now after this time we’ve been at it? Do you feel that you’re building community? That’s what I wanted to do, but I can’t say it’s going so good. Don’t know what I can improve … probably read more blogs and comment.


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  6. Elvita, I think when you can bring the conversation back to the personal and how it connects with everyday living … then you are connecting with your readers. When it says sanitary and clean, the writing may as well be in a textbook. Blogging is really about putting yourself out there, right?


  7. I often begin posts then save them as drafts and some I use (because they were so profound!) and others I toss because I wonder, what was I thinking?
    Also, when I go back and look at what I’ve written I often smile at the insight that I had at the time!


  8. Jackie,

    It’s so important to give credit when you find an idea, words, insight or even an opposing view. If it fuels your writing, include it. By adding links and credit to the author, you’d adding depth and credibility to your post. Thanks for your insight as well!


  9. Hi Rebekah,
    At first I interacted with a huge number of bloggers but have since realized that I could only follow a handful and respond in a timely and intelligent manner. I have about 5-7 blogging friends that I visit and read on a regular basis.

    I think it’s like most things, you have to decide what’s important and focus on that. I’d love to come together and Skype or Oovoo (which is like Skype with more than 2 others on the other end.)

    How else can we get out of the Blogging Box and create something new? Huh? HuH?

    Group hug? Write one sentence and pass it on so that someone else adds another until we have a book?

    Create a collage? Something wild and wonderful?

    What will it be?

    WE can create a blogging colony and… and… ?


  10. Jennifer, I agree that having fun should be the main ingredient! It’s not like we’re making money … just making a statement! I love seeing what topics come off the fingertips of our fellow bloggers. I also love when people post photos — a whole world opens up before my eyes!


  11. Something to think about, for sure 🙂

    I only wish I could come up with blogging topics that would draw some interest and interaction.


  12. I agree that it’s important to ‘give’ a little on oneself. The more you write – the easier that gets. Lots to think about in your post. Thanks.


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