Memorial Day Should be Outlawed

This is a repost from May 30, 2010: Instead, Every Day the American public should express thanks to our veterans and soldiers.  If we were more caring and appreciative on a daily basis instead of squeezing our thanks in between a cold beer and a softball game, NASCAR race or Bolder Boulder on our day off, then… Read More

Memorial Day Awakening

Growing up I remember sitting in front of the television, watching Fred Hilligues tell us about another offensive, another wave of soldiers who died in Viet Nam. In those days, we all watched the news. We all knew where our brothers and neighbors and cousins were deployed. We all prayed. We all believe in our… Read More

Mesa Verde Awaits You

Another place to visit in Colorado is Mesa Verde National Park. This area was designated a national park in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt as a way to preserve the works of man. The ‘works of man ‘ at this park have been discovered, uncovered and protected since then. Mesa Verde has cliff dwellings that were… Read More