Internet Goodie #27: Recycle Milk Jugs

When you want to explore a topic, the internet is the place to go. People all over the world are eager to share their ideas, offer suggestions, ask questions and offer support.

In the US, milk is sold in plastic gallon containers. I wanted to know what to do with plastic milk and found a host of suggestions. Check them out …

  • Poke holes in the bottom and use as a planter.
  • Make a watering jug (fill with water, screw on the top and punch holes in the cap)
  • Make a bird house.
  • Fill with water, poke small holes in the bottom and use to irrigate plants.
  • Pot seedlings.
  • Fill jugs with water and freeze and throw in cooler.
  • Let frozen jugs of water thaw and drink.
  • Cut top off jug and use as a funnel.
  • Cut top of jug and scoop up after your dog or cat.

I’m guessing there must be an additional 100 or so I didn’t mention. Do you have any favorites?


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