Internet Goodie #24: Meet Up

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Want to meet up with someone to expand your circle of friends? Then check out Meet Ups — there will be something there that you’re interested in and if not — start your very own and become the moderator!

For a minimal fee, you can create an interest (Sci-Fi book chats, auto repair of Mini Coopers, gluten-free baking, grandmothers raising kids, fathers of autistic children…) and invite others to meet up with you and expand on the subject.

Meet Up helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world. Enter your location and then sit back and watch all the various groups pop up. There’s no reason to not have new friends in your life … check out this website and break out of your comfort zone and meet up with someone new!

Want to join others on an early morning walk? How about meeting people that  have an interest in specific software or perhaps people who all went to the  same summer camp you did? You will truly be surprised at the wide range of groups that exist.

Go there now and check it out…

Meetup –

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