Internet Goodie #19: Restful Vacations

Planning your vacation? Stay out of a hotel and get into an affordable lodging that fits your pocketbook and lifestyle.  At Vacations Rentals by Owner, and you will be able to see a wide range  of properties that offer you something unique.

Colorado  SunsetThese websites allow you to locate homes instead of hotels and visit with knowledgeable residents of the community you want to visit. You can view the surroundings, ask questions and read reviews before you decide.

At you can message the host directly, read reviews about the experience and find the perfect fit. A private room, whole house, small apartment and for a night, week or month. Book from anywhere and save money. Check this out before you begin your trip – you’ll thank me for sure!

Searching for the perfect vacation rental? Look no further! offers a place for travelers and homeowners to connect. View  thousands of privately owned vacation rentals worldwide.

Vacation Rentals by Owner has an inventory of over 150,000 rental properties across the world. Vacation Rentals by Owner offers big savings on nightly rates and has accommodations to fit your lifestyle. You will talk to the owner in advance to get all your questions answered before you sign a contract.

Perhaps the best reason to take  a vacation this year, is to get to see some of these wonderful houses,  lofts, cabins, apartments, room and  settings.

Vacation Rental by Owner:

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