Internet Goodie #16: Using Your Words

Words, WORDS, w o r d s… We read words, write words and use words to explain, teach, defend, protect, destroy, uplift, and describe. Words can do anything. Words can paint a picture, describe an action, defend a principle. They can bring pleasure, smiles and conger up good memories. They can scare you, haunt you and depress you. Blogging is one way of using words. The videos below show other ways.

Have you ever wished  you could take back words? Do you regret NOT having said some words? Do you long to hear someone say certain words to you?

We are blessed to have this forum to share our thoughts through words. What words can you say today that can make  a difference to you … or someone in your world?

Words Hurt too

2 thoughts on “Internet Goodie #16: Using Your Words

  1. Really nice videos! I agree about words being powerful. At the same time, we are the ones with the power to reduce the power of these words that bring people down. We gave them power, we can take it away from it too!


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