Internet Goodie #15: Write Your Will Today

Do you have a will? They’re not just for rich people, you know. They’re for people who have property or money and want to make sure it goes to family or beneficiaries that you designate. If you don’t have a will the court will decide who gets your stuff. If you have children and you die without a will, the court will decide who is appointed guardian – is that what you want?

Over half of the people in the United States die without a will (called intestate.) Mostly people want to avoid the topic and tend to put off this task.

Ok, here’s a fact …We are all going to die.

Now that you know that – why would you put off getting a will? There are websites that offer free wills that you can download depending on what state you live in.

No more excuses.

So, are you afraid because you don’t know who to leave your property to? Well, what a nice problem to have, huh?

How about for today, you fill out the will and have someone else sign it (to make it legal) and if you need to change it in the future, you can do that too.

Today’s the day because where there’s a will, there’s a way … right?

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2 thoughts on “Internet Goodie #15: Write Your Will Today

  1. I keep writing out my will in my head! It’ll be pretty simple, as everything I own will go to my sis.

    I’ll need to get the sis to help me get a will out! She’s a lawyer, and she lives in the next room too!!

    It really is amazing that many people and I think many single people that forget to have a will!


  2. After doing my research I realized without a will, the state decides what your sister gets and what the state gets. A will will change that and your sister will receivewhat you put in the will. A free will. Download it, fill it out, sign it and make copies of it to share.


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