Internet Goodie #9: Internet Radio

For those of you that sit at a computer or desk most of the day, you might want to check out Pandora or Jango. These internet radio sites let you pick out the singers you enjoy listening to and then they add others with a similar sound, beat or genre that you might enjoy. As you listen, you have the option to “Dislike” any song or singer as well as “Like” them. As you adjust your list, you’re introduced to a wide range of bands, songs and genres.

Another bonus of these sites is you can click on the list of others who “Like” the same songs you like. It’s a different sort of social networking that can help you pass the time as you work through your day.


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3 thoughts on “Internet Goodie #9: Internet Radio

  1. InsideJourneys

    Hi Marge, I don’t think I’ve heard of Jango. Will check it out.
    Don’t much like Pandora.
    Thanks for this info,


  2. I did a post on something like that a long time ago, I can’t remember half of the sites, but I still have one on my favourites. It’s called filterMusic. Have you tried that?


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