Internet Goodie #8: Beef Up Your Business

SCORE Association
SCORE image via Wikipedia

The internet has a bag full of goodies for your business needs. Whether you want to begin a company or improve the one you have, you’ll want to check out the links below.

For business advice the place to visit is SCORE where entrepreneurs can ask for guidance and receive free mentor counseling. This website is in partnership with U.S. Small Business Association and can help you develop a business plan, create a profit and loss statement, determine your legal structure, estimate expenses for your start-up and much more.

Another place to gather business information is from Startup Nation, a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Advice for Small Business Owners websites offers business ideas, business strategies, business courses, and business reviews and they have webinars filled with great ideas and powerful suggestions.

The Entrepreneur website is full of tools, forms, videos, blogs and down to earth information. Take a look for yourself and be sure to bookmark it – it’s a keeper.



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2 thoughts on “Internet Goodie #8: Beef Up Your Business

  1. InsideJourneys

    Keep forgetting to tell you how much I like the new photo. I want to be there, where ever it is!

    SCORE, absolutely. Also, American Express has OPEN, Intuit has something, can’t remember what theirs is called. Here in NY, the state has a whole business arm online. I’m sure the same applies in other states.
    Another great post, Marge.


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