Internet Goodie #3: Podcasts

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting
Podcasting logo used by Apple via Wikipedia

Welcome to the world of Podcasts!

A podcast is an audio (or video) file that can be easily downloaded from the internet.  Are you passionate about photography? Want to learn some history? Care to drop into a college level psychology class and listen to the lesson?  If so, there’s a podcast (plus hundreds more) for you!

Podcasting is a delightful alternative to everyday radio. With podcasting, you can select what you want to hear and tune in. Podcasts can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player.  You can listen to podcasts on your computer by using Window Media Player, Quicktime or iTunes. You can also download them to a portable listening device like an iPod or mobile MP3 player.

Once you locate a podcast that intrigues you can elect listen to it on your computer (also known as streaming) or you can subscribe (for free) and you’ll get commercial-free listening.  For those podcasts that do have advertising, they’re low key and kept to a minimum.

As you may have guessed, iTunes leads the way in podcasting.  They have thousands of podcasts that can be downloaded to your computer or iPod.  To find podcasts that appeal to you, search by subject or popularity.  To make the most of your travel, exercise or listening time – check out iTunes U. Universities and colleges across the world strive to be included on this site where their seminars and classes are recorded and shared with the rest of the world… for FREE. (You must download iTunes to your computer first.)

Don’t stop with iTunes though. The internet has a vast selection of material for you. When you search, enter your topic + podcast for example “car restoration + podcast” and you’ll have a wide variety of links to satisfy your listening pleasure.  Most times you’ll have the option to PLAY or Download. Play a few shows before you download to determine if you like the content, information and the voices of the people on the other end.

Already listen to podcasts? I’d be interested to know what you’re listening to … Care to share?


Below are some podcasts that I plan to bookmark.


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3 thoughts on “Internet Goodie #3: Podcasts

  1. InsideJourneys

    Thanks, Marge. Good idea about liking the voice of the person delivering the podcast. I hadn’t thought of that. Good post.


  2. Yes, I’ve either fallen in love with the ‘voice’ or totally turned off by it, regardless of the content. I once listened to “The Book of Ruth” and although I resisted reading the book as soon as I heard the voice of the reader, I was drawn in like a moth. And it works the other way too.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. InsideJourneys

    You’re welcome, Marge!
    That would make sense, since we’re relying primarily on the sound of their voice to create drama, atmosphere, contrast, etc.


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