Internet Goodie #2 – Write it, Be it!

Goodie #2

Flowers found in Santa Fe
What inspires you to write?

No time like now … to begin a blog.

I know you LOVE to read my writing on a daily basis but secretly you’ve wanted to write your own words of wisdom – correct?


There are really 2 steps to beginning a blog.

1.      Decide what blogging software you want to use (find a free one!)

2.      Decide what you want to write about.

That’s all.

A blog is the combination of two words – web + log = blog.

You are writing a log (on the web) about something that matters to you.  Whether it’s your family, job, loss of job, hobby, travel experiences, business ideas, science inventions, grief and longing, hope and happiness … you decide what matters most and put your fingers on the keyboard and begin.

TIP #1 – Type your words into a document format first. Write, muse, wander, chew … then write some more. Save the document as you go along. Once you finish writing – USE SPELL CHECK on your blog post before you publish it.

TIP #2 – Copy your article (post, musing, etc) and paste it into your blog. (Check this link for Keyboard Shortcuts)

TIP #3 – Find a photo, video or quote to enhance your words. If you can’t don’t worry, there are websites that have images you can use.

TIP #4 – Always give credit to sites where you find information, photos and inspiration. Include a link to their site as a way to say Thank You!

There are tons of free blogging platforms you can use to create your blog. Most of them can have you up and running within 10 minutes.

Below are some well-known blog platforms or hosts.

Blogger – – Quick easy set up and large community of blogging buddies – Vast amount of design themes. No ads are allowed on the free blogging site (upgrade to get that feature).

Tumblr – – A blog platform with a focus on allowing media-rich posts.

Edublogs – – Often used in classrooms and as a writing tool in education.

Xanga – – A social blogging site.

Be sure to check out 40+ Free Blog Hosts

Please – if this inspires you to start a blog, send me a note so I can link to you and follow your progress!




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