Best of the Internet Goodies

Over the course of April, I highlighted gifts from the internet… Internet Goodies. These consisted of links to YouTube, blogs, spyware and viruses, business ideas and forms, recipes, inspiration messages, exercise and dieting, weather websites, national parks information, home and vacation rental planning, earth day suggestions and on and on. Over the course of the… Read More

Internet Goodie #29: April Flowers!

Want to discover the secret to great gardening? If so, then the internet is the place to be. There are a host of websites to show you how to prepare, plant and harvest your crop. How to have large health blossoms, tall sunflowers and double roses. You can learn the best time to plant, what… Read More

Profits soar as oil companies victimized again by high gas prices

Ever wonder where our dollars are going? You can bet those at Shell Oil and ExxonMobile don’t have to worry! It’s so easy for them to blame the local gas stations, when in fact, they have record earnings. It seems whenever there is the slightest unrest in any oil related country, our oil companies quickly… Read More

Internet Goodie #27: Recycle Milk Jugs

When you want to explore a topic, the internet is the place to go. People all over the world are eager to share their ideas, offer suggestions, ask questions and offer support. In the US, milk is sold in plastic gallon containers. I wanted to know what to do with plastic milk and found a… Read More

Internet Goodie #25: Stealing on the Internet

The internet is the place to find what you’re looking for, isn’t it? When you find that certain something, feel free to use it — as long as you include a link back to where you found it. Somebody worked hard to create that sentence, photo or lyric so you must link back (that’s your… Read More