An April Full of Goodies

Let’s go and explore! The internet has something to offer for everyone. Do you love to hike, cook, travel, craft, paint, quilt or perhaps … dance?

Hang tight because during the month of April, Inside-Out is going to take you to some of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Do you need to get fit, get smart, get strong or get a job?

Want to play online games (by yourself or with a group), write books, design houses, take courses?

Do you have favorite sites that you frequent and think others might like as well? Let me know …


Time to get out of your ‘search engine’ comfort zone and try something new. This page from RefDesk has a page full of search engines that are divided into types and service. Check it out.

Stop using Google Search and check out these 2 search engines that give back to society every time you use them. Search and Give — sounds good, huh?



RefDesk :

a chart to describe the search engine market
Image via Wikipedia





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