The internet isn’t totally evil.

GIMP Image via Wikipedia

As I mentioned previously, there is evil lurking on the internet. Tracking cookies and data mining by websites that we ‘thought’ were our friends only to find out that is not so. They all want something. To be balanced and fair (like Pox News would say), the light needs to shine on the good side of the internet as well.

There are many free resources that were created using open source tools that are useful, helpful and available to each of us.

One useful tool that I have installed on my desktop is called GIMP.

GIMP is a free photo editor that is comparable to the high priced Photoshop. You can use it as a paint program or perhaps to crop, resize and retouch your images. Like Photoshop, you can spend more time learning the system and use it in more advanced ways if that is your calling.  Remember it’s free so use it and promote it whenever you can!

GIMP download

Want some helpful tutorials and videos to help you learn GIMP? Check out GIMP-Tutorials.

So, money is no longer your excuse to manipulate your photos, images and graphics … having fun yet?


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