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I’m convinced that solo-tasking needs to  replace multi-tasking in the near future.

As each year passes, it becomes more of a struggle to stay focused on the task at hand. Instead, I enter a room… stand still … look around and then leave.
I know I will soon remember what it was I wanted to accomplish … at least I hope so!

There are way too many thoughts, images, media, screens, sites, and noises competing for my attention.

Solo-tasking is my new endeavor.  Say it. Do it. Check it off my list.

Solo-tasking: Driving to work.

Multi-tasking: Driving to work, listening to the radio, talking on your cell phone, drinking coffee, applying makeup, eating breakfast, switching lanes and talking to your kids.

Solo-tasking may slow me down initially … but as I accomplish more projects, I think my concentration will improve because I will be more present and clear about my objective.

Care to try it with me?

One task at a time.  It will be like the turtle and the hare. Taking it slower may help to get me there sooner. I’m betting on it.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all!

Ha! Here it is — Just 1 thing!


Thanks Kent!

8 thoughts on “Solo-Tasking

  1. I’m in! Cooking dinner, listening to news, paying bills, anawering e-mails…. doesn’t work for me. It has been proven at universities that productivity decreases w/ multitasking. Yale, Columbia, Harvard – someone did a study – can’t remember who – I was busy multitasking. LOL! THANK YOU for the term “solo tasking”!


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