My moment in the sun…

When I was in kindergarten, I remember that wonderful day when it was my turn to ring the desk bell to end recess. 

Desk bell 

I had the bell in my left hand and I attempted to ring it with my right hand… drats, no sound. I tried again, double drats, NO SOUND!. My big moment in the sun – was sliding away from me. I tried time and again, not realizing that my hand was muting the sound. 

In the meantime, my fellow five year old classmates saw me trying in vain to ring the bell, so they dutiful lined up to go back in the classroom for recess. I was so disappointed with myself and deflated from the previous rush I had when I held the bell.

Many years later when I became president of my rotary club, I opened the weekly meeting by ringing the bell with the enthusiasm of a kindergartener! Not only did I ring the bell at the start of the meeting, I also rang it to close the meeting.  As you can guess, the spirit of that 5 year old child from long ago was present each time the bell rang out.

Does this ring a bell with you (ha ha!)

Know what I’m talking about? Ever had something from your childhood crop up into your present? Care to share?


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