May I have your attention please?

“Hello and thank you for being here today.”

Some people can stand in front of a room and speak with total confidence.  Can you?
It’s something I love to do and I know it’s going well when group participation doesn’t end when the session is over. That’s fun!

Other people would rather die than speak or facilitate a group. To be successful, you need to stand tall and own the room. Your voice, stance and personality will give you the credibility you need. You’ll gain the respect of the participants when you:

  • Do your homework. As speaker, you need to know your audience. It makes a difference if the attendees are teenagers, parents, unemployed workers, retirees, volunteers,  and so on. When you know your audience, you can decide how to deliver your talk.
  • Engage your audience and pay attention to them. Are they listening to you? Do they care what you’re saying?
  • Smile. That’s the best connector of all. It will relax you and will put your listeners at ease too. Your confident smile (even though you may be nervous) sets the tone in the room. Everything about you must shout confidence.
  • Take a look at who is in the room. Welcome them with eye contact. It makes all the difference in the world.

“It’s been a pleasure and thanks for joining me today ….”


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