Postaday2011: Having Fun Yet?

Eating red popsicles

March 1, 2011 (Update)

Postaday2011 invited us to commit to posting once a day for a year.

I agreed because I thought it would be fun, I’d meet new people and learn new things, visit new places and …Yippee … that’s what happened!

Here I am at the end of month one and this challenge has:

  1. Opened the world around me like never before as I follow the lives of my blogging friends.
  2. Helped me stay organized and use existing tools (the Schedule tool is great!)
  3. Enabled a sense of awe when others share their photography and explain the meaning behind them.
  4. Humbled me as I read about the struggles that others are dealing with on a daily basis.
  5. Educated me as I research earthquakes, war zones, local organizations, location of cities and towns, landmarks and foreign words.
  6. Most of all — Connected me to a new friends.

And this is only Month One!

Below are the names of some blogs that I’ve visited and enjoyed:

Write on...

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