Playing the Name Game

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose?

What’s in a name? Jenny Cutler wrote about the names that people use and the names we prefer. In my world I was born Margaret and was called Margie, Maggie, Madge, Marjorie, Marge and Margo.

In this area where I live, I am often called Miss Marge or maybe it’s Ms. Marge. Young neighbors, dear friends and some colleagues use that term. Maybe it’s regional, I’m not sure.

And then some people call me Honey or Sweetie. These are not words of love and endearment, they are words used by the people who take my food order and pour my coffee. I would never call someone older than me ‘sweetie’ unless that person was a friend or relative. Those words are sacred and special and when used by ‘outsiders’ in such a casual manner doesn’t feel right to me.

Perhaps it’s just me … what are your thoughts?

What’s Your Name?
A Rose is Rose is a Rose

I create art.

Santa Fe Red Man art figureA bit of roaming around Santa Fe, NM can be refreshing to the soul, to the eye and can be the beginning of many blog posts.

In addition to painting, sculpting, weaving, dancing, playing an instrument, singing and such… writing is an art.

Each word set down on paper is a piece of me at this time and place.

It is a journal, history and record of this moment in time.

I create art too.

Art is what we call …



Ebb & Flow of the Full Moon – Postaday2011

It’s a full moon tonight.

It’s a time when my brother in Florida calls to say he can see the sunset and moon rise at the same time and he’s in awe.

It’s the time when my girlfriend in New Zealand breathes in the full moon and sends me warm wishes and sweet blessings.

It’s the time when I take a stroll with moonlight instead of a flashlight.

It’s that time when I realize my smallness and greatness at the same time.

It’s a reminder to look up, out and beyond.

It’s a monthly gift that I treasure.



PostADay2011:Rocky Mountain National Park

Taking a break from writing today and thought I’d share some images of Rocky Mountain National Park with you.

It’s a great place to visit and if you can get a cabin at YMCA of the Rockies, you’ll be amazed beyond belief!

Elk napping at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado
Elk napping at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado


Elk resting in a mountain meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Elk resting in a mountain meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Fern Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park
Fern Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park
Winter Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park
Winter Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park
Take  the shuttle in the summer time in Rocky Mountain National Park
Take the shuttle in the summer time in Rocky Mountain National Park

YMCA of the Rockies
This establishment is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets – cabins located in the pine trees, surrounded by nature, fresh air, sunshine, lots of sky, family friendly, located about 5 miles outside of Estes Park… You will get a taste for Colorado like never before!

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

PostADay2011 question yesterday was :

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

I’d share these hard-learned lessons:

  1. Don’t waste another day fretting – what is going to happen, will happen. Fretting will waste some of the precious time you have ahead of you in your relationship.
  2. When people offer to help, they are saying “I love you.”
    Never turn them down.
    Welcome their help, invite them in and share the load — the road is going to be so bumpy that you’ll be happy to have others along with you!
  3. Communicate your thoughts – talk about your fears, share your dreams, be honest. Put the words in your mouth and speak them. Be vulnerable, be human, be kind – to yourself as well as others.
  4. This is the only moment that counts. Let people love you and love them back completely.


Valentine’s Day Again? Ugh!

I propose we outlaw Valentine’s Day and replace it with national THANK YOU day.

National Thank You Day roseThis is the one day of the year when you pick up the phone and tell someone “Thank You.”

Thank you for being my mother, father, sister, son, spouse, friend, aunt, boss, neighbor …

Thank you for shoveling my sidewalk.

Thank you for writing that book, it inspired me.

Thank you for organizing these files, for checking in on me, for being a teacher, for volunteering. Thank you.

It’s a day to give to someone else, with no expectation for anything in return. It’s like Thanksgiving Day without the food and travel. It’s genuine, unexpected and totally welcome. It’s a way to connect and express appreciation and love without any guilt.

If you get a “Thank You” phone call, then it’s a bonus day – a day to smile with an understanding that you are part of the bigger whole.

Let’s replace Valentine’s Day with something that gets everyone involved. We all have someone, somewhere who we can thank, right?

And now — I’d like to thank you – for reading this and leaving a comment!

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5 Easy Steps to Volunteering

The act of volunteering is simple…

  1. You have a desire to help an organization.
  2. You say yes when help is needed.
  3. You show up.
  4. You perform an action (paint a house, donate food, update a list, give money, promote a cause, write a letter).
  5. You tell others about your cause.

Easy to do, isn’t it?

Where do your passions lie?

Weld County Hospice
Mead Youth and Sports
Helping villages in Third World Countries get clean water?
Longmont Humane Society
Community Food Share
Rotary Club of Mead
Art in Public Places

One simple step by you can change everything for someone …

Do you have that ‘thing’?

Do you have that thing… that sets you apart from others?

We all know people who are electric and find ways to get everyone else excited about their cause. Some people adore collies and  support their local humane society. Some people want free breakfast programs, recycling, college grants, clean water, higher wages, or to eliminate hunger and on and on. Depending on where a person has been, is now, or will be – you can also find something they stand for and support.

angel imageSo what’s your cause?

Want to help our veterans get off the street and into a warm bed? Maybe you want a day care center in your community or help a village get clean water?

Betty Londergan lost her job and started feeling frustrated with her life. So she did something outrageously bold and gave away $100 each day to a different cause. Now she looks back at that year with awe and wonder. She learned so much, met so many people and now wants to get out and visit these places – some nearby and many far away.

We all know people who give quietly and donate time and services and want nothing in return. By staying anonymous they are missing the opportunity to become a role model to other in their family, community and organization.

Givers are all around – they pick up trash, coach our children, help build houses, organize events, bake cookies … If you believe in something, you need to ACT.

What have you done?

I’d love you to drop me a comment and tell me about your cause.

What Gives 365
Rotary Club of Mead
Habitat for Humanity
Cincinnati Works
Vietnam Veterans Memorial