Learn from the Experts

I blog. And I love it.

Yet, it can get old sometimes. Has that ever happened to you?
When it does, turn to the experts to juice up to your articles and posts.

In the article, Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post Fast, Ali Luke has some great ideas to get us fresh again!

  1. Add snappy titles.
  2. Introduce powerful images.
  3. Tap into readers concerns.
  4. Add personal antidotes.
  5. Offer ‘take away points.
  6. Get readers to react.
  7. Include quotes from other bloggers.
  8. Use an analogy.
  9. Make your language punchier.

These  ideas can help you get readers to your site and keep them coming back. I bet if you take just one idea from this list and apply it – you will see some additional activity.

Let me know if you use any of these suggestions and what you notice, ok? I’ll do the same!

This information can be found on Problogger.

4 thoughts on “Learn from the Experts

  1. This is a very good post. All of those nine points are good and worthy of thought. #1 is difficult. If you’re gifted as a ‘snappy-headline-writer’, then you’re probably not writing the type of blog as I do.

    #2 ‘powerful’.. I don’t know, but I usually try to break up my text with images.

    I will most definitely try and take advantage of these advice … not all at the same time LOL, but I’ll bear them in mind.


  2. Linda Robertson Bourgeois

    Number 4 is my fall back position. Having lived a long, full life, sharing bits and pieces of that life not only helps me clear the clutter but also may be of interest to someone else. If not, that is o.k.; at least part of the clutter is recorded!

    Good post!


  3. There is so much valuable information on the internet — it’s just that one article leads to the next and then to another. I get so involved with my reading and so excited about the possibilites!

    Thanks for your great comments! Marge


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