I create art.

Santa Fe Red Man art figureA bit of roaming around Santa Fe, NM can be refreshing to the soul, to the eye and can be the beginning of many blog posts.

In addition to painting, sculpting, weaving, dancing, playing an instrument, singing and such… writing is an art.

Each word set down on paper is a piece of me at this time and place.

It is a journal, history and record of this moment in time.

I create art too.

Art is what we call …



4 thoughts on “I create art.

  1. Well said, and I agree. They are little pieces of ourselves … a thought or a feeling we’re trying to convey. Most of the time I don’t know how they’re received though.


  2. The best part of this process is looking back at our writing — when we do, we return to that place, what we were thinking or what caused us to feel that certain way. This year of writing in the postaday2011 will end up being the most memorable of this decade because of this journalism process.

    Some of my written words will ring true for some people and they will comment – and some words will be written that only I ‘get.’ My own inside secret. It’s like leaving chocolate on my pillow at home — my treat for me!

    But I do love the give and take from others and enjoy when my words spur additional writing. That’s fun, isn’t it?


  3. Yes! That’s so much fun … Quite often a comment I read — could be elsewhere, spurs a little blog post of its own 🙂

    And yes, again! Looking back … browsing this blog after a year will be great. *I* will know exactly how I felt and why… 🙂


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