What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

PostADay2011 question yesterday was :

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

I’d share these hard-learned lessons:

  1. Don’t waste another day fretting – what is going to happen, will happen. Fretting will waste some of the precious time you have ahead of you in your relationship.
  2. When people offer to help, they are saying “I love you.”
    Never turn them down.
    Welcome their help, invite them in and share the load — the road is going to be so bumpy that you’ll be happy to have others along with you!
  3. Communicate your thoughts – talk about your fears, share your dreams, be honest. Put the words in your mouth and speak them. Be vulnerable, be human, be kind – to yourself as well as others.
  4. This is the only moment that counts. Let people love you and love them back completely.


9 thoughts on “What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

  1. Yes, back then, I was trying to be strong but I was surrounded by a village willing to help me. I understand that you grow when you communicate and you let in love. And so does everyone around me. Thanks for asking.


  2. Maybe I would have told myself to put more stuff on credit – make memories and pay the bill later. Actually, we did a bit of that too and have some great photos to share!

    Thanks for making me chuckle!


  3. starbear

    THANK YOU! for your posts – short and sweet – and your comment on mine.
    Your Valentine’s series is quite beautiful!


  4. Hi Starbear!

    Now it’s all about Thank You instead of I Love You – which is saying the same thing but to many more people. Now, if someone would make me Queen we could get this show off the road!

    Thanks for checking in… Marge


  5. kathy hainey

    I would not be blinded by the false fear that I had. The fear of not being “good enough”.
    I would take on the world, and not be afraid to offer an opinion, as i adopted everyone elses, and called it me
    I would say i love you more often, been a better freind and more importantly, a better daughter. I never realized the sacrifices she made, the time she made for us and the truly good person that she is. I propose that i needed to mature, I needed time to elapse, so if I could sit here today and realize it.

    I would have expananded on the Gifts that God has given me.

    I would have wanted to see more of the world that was before me, instead of being content with the miles that encompaned me. i would have at least dreamed it

    I would have told people how i feel, that i was hurt or happy. and allowed myself to get mad. Instead, agin not to want to disturb the peace i thought i had
    I would be more gracious and humble.
    I would have sought Gods presence that was there all the time.
    I would of, i could have, but i realize now, that all that ive been through, the ones that i have loved and the experiences that were mine, make me who i am today


  6. Hi Kathy — I suppose the question is this — what advice do we need to hear NOW that will allow us to live our lives to the fullest?
    An appreciation for ‘who I am – right here and now’
    Own my thoughts and speak them proudly
    Express love daily
    Let my mom know on a daily basis how much she means to me

    Your advice is precious and can be your new mission statement!

    Thank you so much for your candid words — With love and appreciation — Marge


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