PostADay2011 to the Rescue!


Tell me… do you ever wonder if anyone is reading your blog?

Do they admire your photography, smile at your sarcasm or snort at your commentary?

Does anyone read your words of wisdom?
Do they laugh at your jokes?
Do they learn from your lessons?

I just realized that I have an amazing opportunity to find new friends and read some good posts from others in the PostADay2011 Challenge.

My goal is to visit 5 other blogs a day and leave comments. Maybe they will check my blog and comment .. maybe they will Tweet my words, wisdom and humor around the globe or maybe they will just bookmark my site and come back again and again (Subscribe works great too!)

So, how about it? Anyone up for the 5 Visits a Day Challenge?

Wonder where to find the PostADay2011 bloggers? Go to Google and type in POSTADAY2011 and you’ll find a huge list of people who have posted. (When you post, be sure to add a POSTADAY2011 tag.)

Just think – if I only made one new friend a day – I would have 365 by the time the year is up, right?

Care to join me?

18 thoughts on “PostADay2011 to the Rescue!

  1. HI Classyrose!
    Thanks for posting! I love going out and finding others who accepted this challenge. Some days it’s easy to blog and others … ugh! So, maybe on the ‘ugh’ days I’ll get support from my blog family! Marge


  2. Yes! I love the Daily Post, even though I somehow feel that in this case, it would have been better to have a free WordPress dot com blog. I try to take part in the comments sections there though, so that I get my link out. I already visit many of the blogs. A few people have started coming to my blog.

    Before this challenge though, that was always my question … ‘what’s the point in all this? Nobody will ever read it, and besides … who’s interested?’

    This way we get better exposure.

    You’re right — some days words come easy — like yesterday, I felt like I could have just kept on writing … and writing …

    Today … well, we’ll see 🙂


  3. On days when the words come out easily, I harvest them! I write 2-3 posts and schedule them for tomorrow and the next day, etc. That buffer allows my mind to roam freely and find new material in a leisurely manner! This challenge is opening up my world to new ideas, blogs, photos and such talented people!

    Thanks for writing! –Marge


  4. Yes, I’ve started to do it too … as soon as I think of something, I type it up as a draft and work on it later. It works very well, wish I’d come up with that much earlier. When I’m away from home, I do it on the cell phone.


  5. You’re right …we do love feedback and I’ve found the benefit visiting other blogs is how my world has expanded and I’ve met people all over the world! Thanks for your comment. — Marge


  6. Do I count if I’m doing post a week? I decided that post a day was too much pressure, but I do post almost every day….just saying post a week makes me breathe easier. But I love your challenge to look at 5 other blogs a day. I love building this community. You never know what gems you might find!


  7. Alisa — it’s great to make blog friends – those who write daily, weekly, monthly – or whatever. This Postaday-2011 challenge is such a great way to meet other writers, isn’t it? And my blog reading lends itself to new ideas on topics to write on!


  8. HI Stacy – thanks for your comment. I think blogging buddies are a great idea. Shall we be BBBF (best blogging buddies forever?). I think we link to each others pages, comment, ask questions … borrow money (ok, maybe not) and that works fine for me. How about you?


  9. I love your laundry on the fence photo. So graphic and so bright! I’m part of postaday2011 as well, and just today (it only took me until May!) I decided to see what some other postaday bloggers are writing about… lol (Just a *little* self-absorbed, am I?)

    I’m not sure I’m up to 5 visits a day, but I’ll start with one, and see where that leads! Thanks for the challenge!

    Shawn from Come on down for a visit!


  10. Hi Shawn! Thanks for stopping by. Getting out and visiting other Postaday2011 is fun and you’ll find some friends that you keep checking back with on a regular basis. Be sure to comment and let others know what you think of their words. Great to meet you!


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