Don’t miss a word of this!

Do you find yourself learning toward the computer screen so you can read the font?

Well, today that stops!

If you can’t read the screen – press CTRL and + (found at the top of your keyboard, next to the backspace key). In fact, press these a few times and the words will literally JUMP out at you!

Too big? If so, click on CTRL and – (one key over) to make the font smaller.

Now, put those readers away, sit up tall and wipe that grin off your face – you’ve got some reading to do!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t miss a word of this!

  1. Great stuff … there are so many commands in Windows [if you have a PC, that is] that most people don’t have the faintest idea of … this being one of them. And an important one to boot…


  2. What I love about this keyboard shortcut is that as I read various blogs in the PostADay2011 challenge, I see all different sizes of fonts and it’s hard to keep changing my screen size. CTRL+ makes the font large enough to read right here and NOW!

    Thanks for writing!


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