Post A Day 2011: A Reason to Celebrate!

It’s February 1, 2011 and time for a wild and crazy shake up in this blog, my life and for you … my faithful readers! I plan to change the name of this blog to Inside-Out because my inside thoughts show up in my outer world and my outside activities influence my inner thoughts. Every time I read a book, see a play, sing a song, take a photo, meet a new person or learn something I grow on the inside. All my emotions, dreams, hopes and desires on the inside show up in my outside world.

Daily awareness of my Inside-Out connection and staying focused on the good things I want in my life will be shared with you. The good things come to me via new friends, opportunities, movies, travel, books, music, whispers and laughter.

So, I’ve decided to blog once a day for the rest of the year. The WordPress Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge will be the nudge I need to write, share, learn and grow.

If you read my blog now, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and add some goodwill along the way.

Signed, M.K. Mercurio—

Happy Birthday to Amy!!

Thanks again to one and all —

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