Leap Year Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the babies born on February 29.
What’s it like not to have a birthday every year like the rest of us?
Does it make the real Leap Year Birthday all that more special?

Just wondering …

Leap zine
Honor Society of Leap Year Babies
When does a leap year baby celebrate his birthday?


Muting the Ocsars

I enjoy watching the Oscars even when I’ve hardly seen any of the movies.

I love to see the movie clips, the nominees, hear the music, get into the build up and excitement … but as soon as a winner accepts the trophy, I turn on mute.

I could leave it on but the words are all “Oh my god…blah, blah, thank YOU, yayadeda, xoxo, amen.”

Alas, they talk… I mute.


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Have you met Ted yet?

The internet is our oyster … as if we need to be reminded, huh?

Ted talks is one  of those pearls — talks brought to you by experts in education, art, science, technology, entertainment, business, etc.

Turn off the tv and turn on Ted.com — “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world!”


Learn from the Experts

I blog. And I love it.

Yet, it can get old sometimes. Has that ever happened to you?
When it does, turn to the experts to juice up to your articles and posts.

In the article, Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post Fast, Ali Luke has some great ideas to get us fresh again!

  1. Add snappy titles.
  2. Introduce powerful images.
  3. Tap into readers concerns.
  4. Add personal antidotes.
  5. Offer ‘take away points.
  6. Get readers to react.
  7. Include quotes from other bloggers.
  8. Use an analogy.
  9. Make your language punchier.

These  ideas can help you get readers to your site and keep them coming back. I bet if you take just one idea from this list and apply it – you will see some additional activity.

Let me know if you use any of these suggestions and what you notice, ok? I’ll do the same!

This information can be found on Problogger.

Have you ever tried vlogging?

Sometimes I like to create video blogs or vlogs. Instead of the written word, I like to say it and show it.
To capture video for your vlog, you can use a cell phone, the movie setting on your camera, a Flip video camera or other similar tools.I like the Flip camera because I can take out a small portion of the video (1-2 minutes) to publish.

Care to try vlogging sometime? If you do, send me a link so I can check you out!

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Are you into visuals?

If you’re the type of person who loves images, collects pictures, takes photography — you’ll love Pinterest.

More library booksIt allows you to capture your photos and pin them into a collection on your own board.

Here’s the official word:

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.

How do I add a pin? You can upload a file using the Add a Pin button in the menu bar. It’s a special button that lets you pin images from any website.

What is ‘repinning’? Repinning re-posting a pin to your own collection. When you repin we credit the person who first pinned the item. We let you see all the different collections a pin is part of.

If you need a photo to add to your article, you can take one from here and repin it to your site and the original owner will get the credit.

When you find photos that you want to keep, pin them to your board. Pretty neat, huh? I’m just beginning but you can check mine out here.

To join you need an invitation from an existing member. Let me know if you’re interested in joining and I’ll send an invite. It’s a whole new world out there!



How Sarah Palin Convinced me to Blog (via communicating.across.boundaries)

I read this blog and walked away with a deep appreciation for how someone or something or an event can direct our energy toward a new purpose.  This author shares her connection with Sarah Palin until she discovers an absence of depth, awareness or committment from her.

I enjoyed this well-written blog and realized we all have a unique reason to be here. Whether it is to understand ourselves, to practice writing, to meet new people, to learn new cultures … it’s all about growth and discovery.

Thanks to Marilyn with warm regards from Marge!


How Sarah Palin Convinced me to Blog I thought I could be a fan. The day was August 30, 2008 and I was on my way home from speaking at a workshop when NPR announced the news that Senator John McCain had picked a running mate and changed the dynamic of the election. Her name was Sarah Palin and at a glance, it seemed we had a great deal in common. She was conservative, I consider myself conservative, she was once part of a union, as a nurse working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts … Read More

via communicating.across.boundaries