Book Review: The Power of Outrageous Marketing by Joe Vitale

According to Joe Vitale, Outrageous Marketing is the only way to market. Using nouns instead of adjectives, using statements instead of questions is so … NOT working. Make the headlines come to life and get attention with the briefest glance. This technique, adapted from the philosophy of P.T Barnum who often used the top third of a news page to shout his message.

  • Learn 6 ways to improve your life in 6 minutes!
  • Last chance to say those three words…
  • ATTENTION Mothers!!!

NOW … that’s marketing! The all-time expert in outrageous marketing was P.T. Barnum. He saw silver lining in every crowd and paid attention to people.  He listened to the words they used and spoke their language to get his message across.  Other techniques to gain an audience include:

Cross promotions:

This affordable method suggests you team up with other businesses who also want to target your client base. The team approach allows you to offer more promotions and to work together to get publicity. A movie theater may give out discounts for a car wash and the car wash will give a discount for popcorn at the movies. Ask:

Who are my potential customers?
Who else wants to reach these same people?
How can we both reach them successfully?

Fearlessly love your customers by treating your customers like dogs. Dog lovers have a unique relationship with their pets. Their bond and loyalty continues through bad weather, sad times, miscommunication and more. To have loyal customers, they need to receive that type of treatment as well. Care for them in ways they will never forget. We’ve all had experiences that we can’t forget – some were negative experiences and some were positive. If the experience touched a nerve – either good or bad, we probably repeated the story to others, now and years later.

Customers want to know you care about them. They will never forget it.

Walk the walk:

  • Tell your customers you like your business – reward them with something extra.
  • Listen when your customers are complaining – acknowledge the problem and fix it.
  • To get and keep customers – show them the love.

Step right up:

  • People crave fun and excitement and will pay for that feeling.
  • When businesses take the extra step – people keep coming back.
  • They tell their friends and co-workers about their service and sales increase.

When an organization puts their customers first, it shows. People do business where they are noticed and acknowledged.

Hooked on a feeling:

  • People are purchasing a good feeling.
  • Sell the end result or the benefit they plan to experience.
  • Amplify the benefit of the purchase and people will focus on that as well.

The Power of Outrageous Marketing is a quick read and like most books if you get only one tip or idea to use, then it’s worth the cost.

Last Chance to visit your local library!

Libraries in cities and towns across the world are changing.

To understand the buzz, you have to go into the library. The computer rooms are filled to capacity, people are milling about,  and the children’s area is alive with chatter, movement and excitement.

Libraries are evolving. Each time there is a change in technology, libraries have to adapt. As a kid, there were books for me to read. As an adult, there were books on cassette. Then the cassettes were replaced by CDs and now I can download them from home to my computer. Shelves of movies on VCR tapes mingle with DVDs.

Now, another big change is on the horizon. Books will slowly be phased out and electronic books (e-books) and readers will replace them.

If you visit the library, you know it’s more than a place to get books. It’s a place to connect, reflect, grow, listen, learn and absorb. The library community is bound to change … hopefully in a good way.

So, don’t delay…visit your local library today!

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Is it luck or positioning? Do successful people have more attention, money, intelligence or opportunOutliers: The Story of Successity or was their year of birth the deciding factor? Do gymnasts perform better because of their coaching or because they are located near a gym?

The best hockey players are born in the first four months of the year – only because the cutoff date is January 1. Those born in June or later have already missed 6 months of play and are at the back of their league.

So, Outliers is more an explanation of why some people are successful. Those computer guys … Jobs, Gates, Joy… were all born in 1954-1956. They were a product of their time and embraced the computer world at a time when others were reading Archie and Mad.

Why are Asian students so much better in math than US students? It has more to do with their language concept of numbers according to Gladwell. US students lag behind the rest of the world for a variety of reasons but in particular are the shorter school days and long summer vacations. Some schools, like KIPP schools operate six days a week and year-round to increase learning and change the lives of many students.  More time in the classroom would certainly change the outcome for a whole population of slackers.

The thread in this book is that external forces make all the difference. Having unlimited computer time as a 13 year old, gave Bill Gates a head start that others would never have. And being born in 1955 didn’t hurt him either. Or perhaps, Bill gates and those other successful men followed their passion and didn’t step back. They embraced computers and found any open door they could as a way to stay in that world. They took what they learned and shared it with the world

So, being in the right place at the right time is the key to being an outlier – right? Or perhaps … a bit of passion, a kernel of an idea,  a nudge of encouragement and a hint of goodwill are all part of the success equation.

The Colorado River: Demand Has Now Outstripped Supply

The Colorado River supplies water to over 30 million people across the US and Mexico. This river is drying up – and hasn’t reached the sea in almost a decade. The usage is higher than the supply and all the water is allocated.

Now what? Take a look at this graphical image that explains the Law of the River. Check it out and read the whole story to understand the disappearance of the Colorado River.

Book Review: My Stroke of Insight

My StMy Stroke of Insightroke of Insight is the story about Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained brain scientist who experienced a massive stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left side of her brain.

She observed her own mind deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life. This book offers insight, chemistry, words and an opportunity to get inside the head of a stroke victim and get a glimpse of what is happening. In this book, Taylor describes her confusion as she tries to dial the telephone. She detailed the steps she took and how daunting it was as each moment she continued to lose her sense of self.

If you have had a stroke or know someone,this book will bring you a bit more understanding of the brain patterns, the sense of confusion and the knowledge and hope that people (like the author) can recover.