Resell your textbooks or buy them here…

I just read information about Better World Books, a website that focuses on recycling, reusing and reselling books. The collected books benefit 5 nonprofit literacy programs and over 80 literacy based non-profits.

Better World BooksIf you have a book to sell, you can get an immediate price and a free shipping label to get your book in the mail and on the way.

If you’ve attended college, you know that at the end of the semester many books are deeded “no value” because the book edition has changed, or the course will not be taught or some other insane reason. Instead of tossing your book, check this site and get those books off your shelves, out of the trash and back into circulation.

This is one of those rare companies that really cares.  They care about their employees, their environment, about reading & literacy and about keeping the world in balance. I know that probably sounds goofy but it’s not. It’s
Check out Better World Books and please LET OTHERS KNOW about this site.

A big hug to Anne’s Blog for posting this great information.

Better World Books buys, sells, gives and shares … Imagine that!!

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