Resell your textbooks or buy them here…

I just read information about Better World Books, a website that focuses on recycling, reusing and reselling books. The collected books benefit 5 nonprofit literacy programs and over 80 literacy based non-profits.

Better World BooksIf you have a book to sell, you can get an immediate price and a free shipping label to get your book in the mail and on the way.

If you’ve attended college, you know that at the end of the semester many books are deeded “no value” because the book edition has changed, or the course will not be taught or some other insane reason. Instead of tossing your book, check this site and get those books off your shelves, out of the trash and back into circulation.

This is one of those rare companies that really cares.  They care about their employees, their environment, about reading & literacy and about keeping the world in balance. I know that probably sounds goofy but it’s not. It’s
Check out Better World Books and please LET OTHERS KNOW about this site.

A big hug to Anne’s Blog for posting this great information.

Better World Books buys, sells, gives and shares … Imagine that!!

Your Life is an Open Book …

…When you purchase a Nook, Kindle or Google Books E-reader.

The E-readers are sleek, smooth and novel. We can download our favorite books and articles from magazines, journals and e-books and fit a bookstore in our pocket.

Don’t Look Now…

And that bookstore has us in their pocket too. Google Books logs all your search data with an IP address and will associate searches with your Google Account if logged in. Amazon also logs data about what you’ve viewed and searched for. The privacy policy for the Nook isn’t clear, according to the EFF, but Barnes & Noble logs data on searches made and pages viewed on its website. This information from touches the surface about the eyes that watch us.

Who Monitors What You’re Reading?

“Google logs the books and pages viewed, and while Amazon does too, EFF says that the “exact parameters of information logged in unclear.” It’s not known if the Nook monitors your reading after purchase. But Sony Reader, FBReader, Internet Archive, the iPad, and the Adobe Content Server do not.

Who Tracks What you Buy?

Again, Google and Amazon track the purchases you make on their sites. The privacy policy is unclear for both the Nook and the Sony Reader. The iPad will keep track of purchases made on the iBookstore and via other Apple apps, but otherwise no.”

Read more at I Know What You Read Last Summer – E-Readers and Privacy

Is your ebook reading up on you?

Kindle and Nook Pollution

Book Review: The Tracker by Tom Brown Jr.

This book tells the story of two boys who learn to hunt, fish, track and survive in the wilderness. They have a wise Indian guide (Stalking Wolf) an Apache elder, shaman and scout who began coyote teaching them in the skills of tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness. True trackers understand and embrace the world around them. In this book, Tom exhibits oneness with the outdoors and an understanding of nature.

When the boys asked Stalking Wolf questions, he found ways to make the learning experience exciting by asking questions instead. Each lesson came when they were ready to learn, ask and understand. Feeling a kinship with nature but lost with civilization, Tom soon learned to use his knowledge to track lost people.

This book, published in 1978 is still as rich and robust as ever.  Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School is teaching people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Is someone tracking your online activities?!

Do you ever feel like you’re being followed on the internet?

Each time you visit a website, a cookie is stored in the bowels of your files and someone, somewhere is tracking your visits.

When you go shopping, do some reading or or sightseeing online, there’s a record of where you’ve been. For instance, if you visit Borders, or Starbucks websites, you can be sure that soon after you’ll see coffee specials, travel deals or new book titles on the right side of your screen. Yes, the stalker is sitting on your shoulder.

Want to mess with the man?

There are 2 simple things you can do today to interrupt those eyes that see all, know all, tell all…

1>    Download and run CCleaner : it’s the #1 tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download and it’s FREE. (I have it on my pc and laptop and run it on a regular basis.)

2>   Sites can track the links you click and pages you visit by following your IP address: To get another IP address on a daily or regular basis, go to your internet modem and unplug for about a minute. Then plug it back in, wait for all the lights to come back on and you’re free to roam without your ‘big brother’ right on your tail. Just like flossing, do it every day and keep the decay away!

Remember  — Use CCleaner and unplug.

Simple, easy, free and clever… go for it!