Nobody Reads Your Resume

Here’s a secret you might want to know — Employers don’t bother to read your resume. For all the time and hard work you put into your resume, many employers know the document is full of exaggerations, half-truths and embellishments. Your resume is usually like everyone else’s resume  –  cryptic bullets, clean structure but no personality. Instead, employers focus… Read More

Behavioral Interview Questions: Be the Best You Can Be

Remember going into an interview and being asked to define your strengths  and weaknesses? Yeah …. well those days are long gone. Today’s method of interview focuses on Behavioral Interview Questions. These are wonderful if you’re asking the questions and quite difficult if you are answering them and have not prepared. The way we did… Read More

Oprah, Fergie, You & Me

Oprah is planning a six part documentary focusing on Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and her economic struggles.  Sarah’s having a hard time, like all of us and with attention from Oprah… well, she’ll soon have the money she needs.  It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for Sarah — and yet, we don’t know… Read More