The Little BIG Things– 163 ways to pursue EXCELLENCE

Book Review:

This book written by Tom Peters, is about making your business better. Some ideas and suggestions will be the light bulb that you’ve been dreaming about and others will be easily dismissed.

The 163 ideas are cost-free and have a high rate of return.  Idea #19 is to celebrate failure because “screwing up a lot is a very good sign of progress”.  When someone is encouraged to try, knowing that failure is allowed, encouraged and expected – why not shoot for the moon?

Idea #37 Put the ‘eye-sparkle factor’ on your menu is a reminder to only hire people who glow. They may not have all the qualifications but their attitude will shine and they will 1) learn the ropes and 2) dazzle the clients and 3) help grow your business. Go for the shine!

Idea #59 inquires how many times you said the words, ‘thank you’ today. Although you already pay your employees for their work, you can’t pay them for their positive attitude. When you say thank you, their efforts are acknowledged and the reward is in the thanks.

Listening (Idea #96) is the mark of respect, the heart and soul of engagement, the basis for true collaboration, and the basis for community and on and on and on. Listening should be a core value for every organization and included in every mission statement. Listening is profitable.

Idea #161 – Retirement sucks. When there is so much to do and so little time, you don’t want to be pushed out the door because of the year of your birth. Change the world or die trying… literally!

The book has an idea for everyone. Read it and decide which 3 ideas apply to your business and apply them.  Then be sure to say Thank You when your sparkly-eyed employee fails. It means you’re listening!

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