“The Practical Business Guide: How to develop long term clients”

Small organizations and large companies alike have a huge opportunity to turn their business around by treating customers as if they were the product, according to Greg Goettsch at TeamBTS.

People want to be acknowledged, listened to and treated with respect. When you treat the customer as the ‘product’ and give them your full attention, it shows. In essence, your customers hire you to take care of them in the best way possible.

Businesses that pay attention to people succeed because their customers brag about them. They tell others about the good (or not so good) experience they had with you. What you sell is secondary to the service you give.

What can you do to give better service?

  • Be yourself – Greet each person with a smile and take time to chat.

    Photo of 2 children eating ice cream
    Be yourself and welcome your customers with a genuine smile!
  • Hire friendly people – They can learn the necessary skills on the job.
  • Follow through – Call your customers to tell them their order is ready. Jot down notes if they comment on their purchase or experience.
  • Acknowledge when a customer shares something with you- Is this purchase for a birthday? Home repair? Trip abroad?  Integrate you customer’s information into your next conversation with them.

Speaker Greg Goettsch is with TeamBTS (www.TeamBTS.com)


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