Bill Gates: In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web

Online education replacing land based universities in 5 years! You bet!

I believe that land based universities are already doomed. They charge too much and deliver too little. The faculty is not up to par with the technology level of the student and they get bored with static classes. An online education can incorporate graphics, links, webcams, podcasts, videos, discussion boards, chat rooms and Skype. The IPod, IPad and IPhone has opened the online classroom to anyone that can get internet access.

Excellent seminars from passionate people can be found on The range of topics includes entertainment, science, technology and more.

Go learn something for free!

Forum Network is a national collaboration of public television and radio stations offering online lecture webcasts created in partnership with cultural and educational institutions in their local communities.

You can get online peer-reviewed books for free. They can be also be purchased in softcover, audio, and self-print versions. They are open-source so you can modify them to fit your course. Faculty receives great books and control over their content. THEY get to decide when to move to a new version… not the publisher.

Education is changing. And in 5 years it will look entirely different. Those students who choose to get a degree will find an affordable online university and will leave immediately if it doesn’t deliver. As more and more students choose online learning (which will include interactive activities and internships), those at land based universities will be paying higher tuition to cover the football teams and all the other activities that do NOT add value to their degree.

Bill Gates: In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web

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