Job-Hunting Online

Another book that crossed my path this week is Job-Hunting Online.

Job-Hunting OnlineThis books is a collection of information and links to online resources. Instead of wasting time on the internet trying to locate newsgroups,  counseling and career tests, directories, companies, social networks and other job related sites – the writers have collected them for you. The books explains the sites and why they can be beneficial in your job search.

One section in the book is about the ‘Underweb”. The Underweb or Deep Web is beyond the reach of search engines. The sites exist and are loaded with useful information but they are under the radar of the search engines. Some links to Underweb sites include:

LibDex – – this site is an index to over 18,000 libraries with online resources and data we can access.

Technical Communications Library: – this site is a must see. Filled with categories and subsections you could get lost in here if you don’t have an agenda and a clear focus.

At go to Subject-Guides and start clicking. You’ll never need to go to a library again!

If you’re looking for a company, go to

Get nagging calls but not sure who they are from? Go to and select Reverse calling — and enter the phone number (this probably won’t work for cell phones).

As you job hunt, you want to be up to speed in the literature in your field. BizJournals: If you’re a small business, be sure to click on the Small Business tab and look around at the treasure chest of information.

Another excellent resource for small businesses is This site offers free templates and forms and tons of articles to answer some of your start up questions.

This book is filled to the brim with resources for job hunters, current employees and employers, academics, students, teachers and you. Yes– you.  Get the book and then be sure to send the authors a note to tell them how great it is (they love that!).  I checked my book out of a library but it is one that I will purchase in the near future.

Job-Hunting Online (Bolles & Bolles, 2008)

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