“…As free as the wind blows”

My sister lives high on a hill in Ireland. When the wind blows, there is no escaping it. She has to go inside or let it toss her around. She’s toying with the idea of getting a windmill for her yard so she can take advantage of the wind by reducing her electric bill. Windmills… Read More

“The Practical Business Guide: How to develop long term clients”

Small organizations and large companies alike have a huge opportunity to turn their business around by treating customers as if they were the product, according to Greg Goettsch at TeamBTS. People want to be acknowledged, listened to and treated with respect. When you treat the customer as the ‘product’ and give them your full attention,… Read More

Bill Gates: In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web

Online education replacing land based universities in 5 years! You bet! I believe that land based universities are already doomed. They charge too much and deliver too little. The faculty is not up to par with the technology level of the student and they get bored with static classes. An online education can incorporate graphics,… Read More

Job-Hunting Online

Another book that crossed my path this week is Job-Hunting Online. This books is a collection of information and links to online resources. Instead of wasting time on the internet trying to locate newsgroups,  counseling and career tests, directories, companies, social networks and other job related sites – the writers have collected them for you.… Read More