Social Marketing Strategy #3: Getting Social

Do you use the internet much? If you do, then Social Media Networking is another way to interact with clients, businesses, friends and consumers using the internet. Using social media networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook allows you to engage your customers in a conversation and listen to what they have to say about your business.

You can meet new people, make friends, announce upcoming events, link to other businesses and build relationships with existing and potential customers.

Two popular networks are LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn ( is a business oriented social networking site.  On this site, you can connect with past and current colleagues and classmates. You can learn about job openings, discover who you’re connected to and learn from industry experts who have information to share.

Facebook is a social networking website where you connect with family members, friends and friends of friends. It’s full of photos, comments, videos and fun interaction. Facebook also has a community page created for a specific organization or event.  You can view the Mead Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page after you log into your Facebook account.

When others enter the name of YOUR business into Google Search, what do they find?  They want to see what you have to say, what you offer, what’s new and different. What will they find when they search? What will they find when they search your competitor?

Get online and get noticed using social media networking.

Stay tuned for Social Marketing Strategy #4: What to Write?

Need more information or help? Look for a Social Media Strategy Workshop this fall!

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