The 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy in 2010

Ready to jump back into the stock market?  Not sure how to proceed?

Buy The 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy, Peter Sander, John Slatter, 1598697803The 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy in 2010 by Peter Sander and John Slatter discuss long term investing, the essential tenants of investing, strategic fundamentals and how to reduce risk.

Basic terminology is defined, strategies are suggested, the investment climate is reviewed and a review of what makes a ‘best’ stock.

The 100 best stocks have financial highlights, company profile, reasons to buy, reasons for caution and a ten year review of compound earnings and compound dividends per share growth.

It’s easy to read and offers enough information to allow you to read additional investing books.

South of Broad by Pat Conroy (Book Review)

For the past several years I’ve been a recipient of free books from Random House.

South of BroadThe idea is that I will share the books with my book  club members and spread the word.

I appreciate the idea, I enjoy receiving gifts in the mail and sometimes … I actually enjoy the book.

In early June, I hit the jackpot when Random House sent me South of Broad by Pat Conroy.

You may remember he wrote Prince of Tides in the 1980’s. I read that book and was deeply disturbed by it. When a movie was made I had no desire to see it on the screen. That was the first and last time I read one of his books — until now.

South of Broad tells the story of a group of misfits who became friends. The uniting factor was a boy, nicknamed Toad, who glided over stereotypes, glamor, poverty and class and saw the gem of the person within. Toad had a way of making friends by acknowledging his nerdy appearance, lack of friends, criminal background, death of a sibling and estranged family relationships.

The friendships created that summer were tested again and again through the years. Some friends married, some stayed in South Carolina and others strayed.  Most of these people had their own baggage and most times it spilled over to create new drama. Throughout the novel, there was the looming presence of an evil father and the eventual understanding of a standoffish mother.

All the pieces were tied up, cleared up and explained by the time the novel ended yet I found myself reviewing it over again and again in my head.  It’s the kind of book I’d like my book club members to read so that I can get their impressions, input and criticisms.

Until that time, however, feel free to let me know what you thought of it, ok?

— Thanks Random House!

Getting WordPress to work

Ok, I had a brainstorm.

What if I export my WordPress blog ( out of WordPress and into another blog hosting company.

THEN … I can import it in as a blog and it will get upgraded, I will know the version and I can add plugins and be cool like all the other WordPress users?

What do you think? Will this work?

Because I still can’t figure out what version of wordpress I’m using. And I am out of the loop with all the new add ins, plug ins, new themes, adsense and such.

I don’t like being out of the loop. So — do i export from WordPress to another site then import????

Social Marketing Strategy #3: Getting Social

Do you use the internet much? If you do, then Social Media Networking is another way to interact with clients, businesses, friends and consumers using the internet. Using social media networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook allows you to engage your customers in a conversation and listen to what they have to say about your business.

You can meet new people, make friends, announce upcoming events, link to other businesses and build relationships with existing and potential customers.

Two popular networks are LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn ( is a business oriented social networking site.  On this site, you can connect with past and current colleagues and classmates. You can learn about job openings, discover who you’re connected to and learn from industry experts who have information to share.

Facebook is a social networking website where you connect with family members, friends and friends of friends. It’s full of photos, comments, videos and fun interaction. Facebook also has a community page created for a specific organization or event.  You can view the Mead Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page after you log into your Facebook account.

When others enter the name of YOUR business into Google Search, what do they find?  They want to see what you have to say, what you offer, what’s new and different. What will they find when they search? What will they find when they search your competitor?

Get online and get noticed using social media networking.

Stay tuned for Social Marketing Strategy #4: What to Write?

Need more information or help? Look for a Social Media Strategy Workshop this fall!

Social Media Strategy #2: Show, Don’t Tell!

One way to get attention and to have people remember your message is to use images.

Photos, clip art, logos and video are more memorable than words. And each time you use a photo or logo (like below) find a way to link back to your website or product.

Create a video using the movie tab on your digital camera. I used the Flip Mino Camera … My video tells you why to use a video!

Take a minute and go through your photos and decide how you can incorporate them into your website, newsletters and brochures to make them something to remember.

One photo or video will say it all …

Stay tuned for Social Media Strategy #3 … Getting Social

Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Ready to take your business up a notch?

Then it’s time to create a social media strategy and get noticed.

Decide on the ‘one’ thing you want to be known for and find different ways to get the message out.

Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Create a blog – Blogs are an excellent way to generate sales leads. They are highly effective and low-cost marketing tool.
a.       Blogs allow your business to connect with current and potential customers.

b.      A blog can help you gain insight into customer’s needs and as a way to fine tune your product.

c.       Blogs help to make your business and product come alive and approachable.

A blog gives your company personality.

Start a blog focusing on your product but general enough that others will want to read about it as well.

Here are some blogs that promote business, inform customers and have personality … Just a blog about Mead and some of the things that happen here.

If you find you are answering the same questions all the time … then you need to put that information into a blog for your customers.

Stay Tuned for …
Social Media Strategy #2: Show… instead of Tell