WordPress.org vs Blogger.com


I’ve spent the past few hours trying to find out what version of WordPress I am using. Since it must be an older version, I’m not finding the answer (mkmercurio.wordpress.com). I’m in the process of setting up a new blog and decided to set it up on WordPress because I love the vast Theme options, the extensive Dashboard, the Widget selection, the easy load and overall look of my wordpress blog.

On my blogger.com site – I have limited themes but robust stats that are extremely helpful. It’s a google product and it’s been good to me and works well but it sort of boring.

WordPress.org is open source, however, the directions to get it to the newest version make my eyes tired.

The Support links and FAQs give me list of commands, instructions and more … I just want to find out what version I’m running and how to get to the newest version.

Blogger must have this figured out … am I missing something here?


Do you like one over the other?

Can you help me update my wordpress.org blog without too much time and effort? Or should I just chuck it and go with Blogger?




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