Using Skype to stay connected

It’s been a VERY long time since I visited my brother (or he’s come to visit me). And I miss him.

So, it was a pleasant conversation we had last week when we both connected via Skype.

Imagine me in Mead Colorado chatting with him in Tampa Florida!

We chatted, visited, laughed, snorted, observed, got tours of each others houses, saw the nieces, met the dog, checked the oven, looked at the pool and smiled — yes, lots of smiles.

We save money on phone bills and save minutes because Skype uses VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and calls for free to anyone in the world who also uses Skype on their PC. We also have the ability to sent instant messages.

It’s easy to set up, and the search feature to find your other Skype users is simple. In order to connect with someone, you send them a request and they can say Yes or Deny the Request. This is important because you have that choice as well and can block others from ‘Skyping’ you.

My friend connects with her Peace Corp family in the Dominican Republic and gives them English lessons!  In return, they dance for her. Skype is a bridge to people, ideas, lessons, entertainment, classrooms and so much more.

I love it – Thanks Skype!

Photoshop 7 “Scratch Disk” message is MAKING ME CRAZY!

I have Photoshop 7 (it’s not the newest version, I know but it works just fine for me) and a Dell Studio desktop. When I try to install Photoshop 7 to my pc, I get a message that says:
Could not initialize Photoshop because the scratch disks are full.

And when you click OK, the program closes. If it stayed open, I would go into Preferences and make changes to the Primary Scratch Volume but that’s not happening. Ugh. Criminy!

So, the next course of action is to take that message to Google Search and enter it to see if others have the same issues.

There were dozens of others with the same pain and heartache on not being able to install Photoshop.

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and perhaps go to Preferences and edit the primary scratch volume. However, as soon as I get the message that says my scratch disks are full … I have to click OK to get the picture off my screen. Then Photoshop closes down!

2 hours later … no Photoshop.

What’s one to do? If you know, please leave a message for me and for all the others who are trying to fix this instead of doing WORK. Ok, I am working but am not succeeding.

There’s a free program to edit photos called GIMP that I’ve used in the past and will use again because Adobe Photoshop is ignoring my plea for help. My pc is new I have a terabye of memory, RAM up the yingyang but my scratch disk is full. NOT!

There are tons of bloggers asking the same question about the scratch disks error – where is our assistance?

Ok, no assistance. Let’s talk about GIMP.

GIMP IS very similar to Photoshop. I downloaded it and edited a photo. I resized it, added text, changed the name and filed it.    It’s fine, it’s free and most of all – it works! Drats to Adobe for leaving us all hanging here.

Yippee to GIMP!

GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, for X Windows systems. Official site, including download area, documentation, FAQs, and a plugin registry.–what-this-error-message-means-5865 vs


I’ve spent the past few hours trying to find out what version of WordPress I am using. Since it must be an older version, I’m not finding the answer ( I’m in the process of setting up a new blog and decided to set it up on WordPress because I love the vast Theme options, the extensive Dashboard, the Widget selection, the easy load and overall look of my wordpress blog.

On my site – I have limited themes but robust stats that are extremely helpful. It’s a google product and it’s been good to me and works well but it sort of boring. is open source, however, the directions to get it to the newest version make my eyes tired.

The Support links and FAQs give me list of commands, instructions and more … I just want to find out what version I’m running and how to get to the newest version.

Blogger must have this figured out … am I missing something here?


Do you like one over the other?

Can you help me update my blog without too much time and effort? Or should I just chuck it and go with Blogger?


Lovin’ the Library

Library magazinesI must be honest, I’m a library junkie.

I have 3 library cards in my wallet (Longmont, Boulder, Denver) and 2 on my key ring (High Plains and Poudre). The small cards that attach to the key ring are my favorites because I don’t have to go through all my important ‘supermarket value cards’ to locate my library card. Easy access… 

Even though I can check out books at one library and return them to another one, I try to take them back where I got them. I know that makes it easier for everyone and since I’m usually in the vicinity … it’s easy to do.

At the library yesterday, I realized how many magazines are not being renewed as a cost cutting measure. In the archives, there were rows and rows of titles. In the current selection, about 1/4 of that amount on the shelves. I know magazines are expensive and it’s an easy cost cutting measure — but who decides which gets the ax?

Do we toss Psychology Today and keep the Journal of Dentistry?  I’ve decided that if I need to get ideas from magazines, I’ll go to Borders Bookstore or Barnes and Nobles because there are hundreds of titles and selections. Then I can get a cup of tea and peruse to my heart’s content. There’s no shortage of magazines … and alas, there are no past issues for me to review and check out.

I can get online at these bookstores too –but rarely can I find a plug for my tired old Dell laptop. I learned that I can get online at most of ‘my’ libraries too, using my laptop. The good thing is there are plenty of plugs but no tea or coffee allowed. (Woe is me!)

What I love most about the library is the freedom I have. To read a book, listen to music, watch a dvd, read a magazine, ask questions, receive helpful information.  All for free.

Finding your Data Niche


Love Letters
"Digital photos are hard to toss, like love letters in the bottom drawer"


With all the data that is available to us, we can easily get lost in collecting, reading and sharing it.   

Some people have a system and just check in first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. They sign on, say hello, make their presence known, then they log off. 

Our lives are filled with data supplied by social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Data, when broken down, is bits and pieces of our lives. We have thousands of digital photos and videos that we can’t part with … like love letters in the bottom drawer. 

All of our data is linked … and the six degrees of separation is no longer a novelty due to social networking and everyday forms of technology.  LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress blogs, websites, Kindle, Twitter, Instant Messaging, Pandora, I-pods, discussion boards, email, Skype, texting, I-phones, U-Phones, We-Phones and devices yet to be created continue to add more data to our lives. 

And somehow we make sense of it. We find our niche and select information that aligns with our personality, attitude, character and persona. We bookmark sites that speak to us and blog about topics that matter. 

Data is everywhere and for some reason, that’s ok.

Where does happiness come from?

Happy baby
Happiness can rub off you!

Where does happiness come from? In the world today with all the ups and downs that we face, we still run into people who radiate happiness. And when we find people like that, we want to be around them because their happiness rubs off. It truly does.

In my opinion, happy people ‘think happy thoughts’ thereby drawing more good things to them.  They are optimistic, have a healthy sense of humor and find the good in each person or opportunity. They listen more than they talk and when they do talk they find a way to express something good about a person or situation.

Happy people feel frustration with some people, just like the rest of us; however, they don’t spend time dwelling on the negative where there are so many good people, opportunities and things in the world.

You may notice happy people draw attention to the everyday things and make them special. They comment on colorful items, notice smells, compliment someone for something trivial and put attention on you. They say ‘thank you’ all the time and mean it!

Most of all, happy people don’t realize their presence. They laugh, smile and are successful in ways that you can’t measure.

Happiness is an attitude. Own it, claim it and live it.

And smile…

Happiness under the fingernails

Working in the yard, moving, hauling, lifting, spreading and drinking lots and lots and lots of cold water can lead to an incredible sense of satisfaction.

Sitting back and looking at the difference a shovel, hammer, hoe, rake, wheelbarrow and a hose can make is amazing.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of creating something new using the same materials.  It is certainly an art form as the old is stripped away and the new is created with a fresh look, feel and smell.

It was there all along – it just took some moving, thinking, creative redesign, muscle, sweat and determination.

And teamwork!  Thanks J.E. for the inspiration!