Vietnam Veterans Memorial helps with the Healing Process

I read an article on how the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVM) helps veterans deal with their post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  According to the report, it took them two or more visits before they saw improvement.  After viewing the wall a few times, they saw marked improvement in their PTSD symptoms compared to veterans who… Read More

Universal Design Learning: As simple as pie!

Any person who engages with a child knows about Universal Design Learning (UDL). UDL is changing the way you engage with a child. You teach through song. You teach through drawing. You teach by pointing, coloring, building, engaging, giving and receiving. And the child learns because the message is delivered in a fun manner. A… Read More

Universal Design: It’s a no brainer

Universal Design Instruction is about offering coursework in a variety of ways. For instance, instead of just lecturing, an instructor needs to be aware of the learning styles of the students. Some students LOVE to sit and listen to lectures; others need to see drawings, diagrams or videos. Still others like to write and benefit… Read More