Brain Freeze

It seems to happen more and more often these days… my brain freezes up and I forget what I was going to do. In my attempt to change the sheets on my bed, I had to replace the lightbulb (so I could see the bed).  I left the room to find a light bulb and about an hour later, I walked into my room to find the bed unmade and the lightbulb waiting to be replaced.  Where had  I gone that past hour?

Where do you go? Perhaps it’s the multi-tasking that I’m doing.  My mind is full of things to do and there is no time for just changing sheets.  My mind is about changing sheets, listening to music or planning dinner and reviewing my day, preparing for tomorrow and on and on.

So much wonderful technology in my life — and — it’s hard to unplug. I have a radio, mp3 player, tv, pc, laptop, skype, digital camera, Flip camera, cell phone … and those are within 15 steps of me. 

I am blessed to have these tools and I am also blessed when the power goes out… and I can give my brain time to thaw.

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

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